Intelligent Communications

A vital part of a UC solution is how it is adopted by your business, and making sure it is simple for your employees to use.  A complicated UC solution can discourage employees from embracing it.

Simplicity, combined with the user-friendliness of UC through the integration of your communication applications, will increase the adoption by your employees and allow your business to leverage the benefits of UC faster.

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UC Improves Businesses

Unified Communication offers a competitive advantage to businesses by reducing the number of independent tools, platforms, and solutions they need to communicate.  Optimising the interactions within your business, team collaboration and productivity are significantly improved. Many businesses are choosing Unified Communications over traditional phone systems because it’s a better way to future-proof their investment and keep pace with advances in technology.


Mobility allows you to stay connected regardless of your location as long as you are within range of a quality internet connection. This can be achieved through 4g or 5g data from your mobile telephone provider or voice quality wifi coverage.

Calls can be made from your office extension so that you don’t have to provide a mobile number that may belong to your personal device.  BYOD or bring your own device policies within many organisations make it easy for you to make and receive business calls, chat, and more with softphone applications, managing that work-life balance.


Conferencing calls provide a group of users the ability to meet and speak via voice and video from multiple locations. This option is also available to outside organizations, partners, or clients utilizing a variety of different platforms, video and audio conferencing today is not just for enterprise businesses.

Used with confidence a video call can very quickly enable you to adapt to client needs, we use Avaya Spaces, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom and Google Meet to name a few.


Unified Communications expand capabilities and offer employees more flex ible work options. Workers can enjoy greater levels of collaboration by being able to share documents and work through issues and tasks together from any connected device which enhances productivity for themselves and their organization.

Unified Messaging

With unified messaging, users can manage many types of messages from a single application      and switch communication modes on demand, depending upon software and your requirements some of these can be utilized from a single pane of glass.

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All-in-One Experience

The way you communicate should be able to fit the way you work.

With everything you need always handy on any device, in any location, Unified Communications lets you simplify the way your business communicates. Call, chat, meet, and collaborate no matter where your employees might be. Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing, task management, and virtual team rooms. Bring together 100+ business integrations, like Google Drive and Salesforce, to customize a true cloud unified communications experience.