Security Matters

Sophisticated, tech-savvy criminals use the Internet to steal confidential information and money. Whether their weapons of choice include social media, con artistry, bogus email links, or complex viruses that infect even well-guarded systems, these virtual criminals cost real damage to their victims’ lives and to the wider economy. These days, threats may even come from internal sources. To strengthen your defenses against modern attack methods, robust micro-segmentation solutions coupled with zero trust security controls are key.

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Technology is evolving, and so are the threats

Protecting your network is not a one-time job – it’s an ongoing effort. Having the knowledge and understanding of the latest security practices, Auswide offers a range of services that can take your security strategy to the next level.

As many businesses have changed the way in which they work, it is more important than ever to have a holistic approach to security.  Securing not only the physical systems but keeping your cloud applications and remote workforce protected at the same high standards will ensure 360 degrees of visibility and the best chance to mitigate threats to your business.

Email Security

Protect your business from spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, with enforced    email security controls. Office 365 can also benefit from an added layer of protection.

Network Firewall

Auswide delivers industry leading enterprise security for any network edge at any scale with full  visibility, and threat protection. Next Gen Firewalls reduce cost and complexity by eliminating point products and consolidating industry-leading security capabilities.

Unified Security

With remote users connecting to applications from anywhere, your business attack surface is increasingly expanding. Protect devices and internet connections from the most sophisticated attacks while ensuring zero-trust access to corporate applications.


Keep your endpoints are secure from ransomware and zero-day threats with advanced threat detection services. Advanced multi-layered protection for computers, smartphones and virtual machines. Real-time protection for your company’s data.

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Have a security strategy

Knowing when your business is under cyber-attack is vital to help prevent reputational and financial damage. Mitigate your cyber security risk by putting in the right products and services to assist with keeping your data and your employees secure. Talk with the Auswide professionals,  so you can focus on your daily business operations without the need to divert valuable time and effort to mitigating cyber threats.