Service On Hold

On Hold Messages

Professional Messaging For Your Business

Professional on-hold announcements may not be the greatest first impression a caller has when contacting your business.

However, in excess of 70% of callers, are put on hold at some point of the phone call interaction.

If a call is going to be transferred to another person/or placed on hold for a short period of time, seize the moment to educate the caller about your business background, product, and or service.

  • A professionally sounding on-hold message will not only save your customers from being subjected to dreary silence and elevator music but can be used as a marketing tool to educate them about your products, services, and current
  • Manage your call flow, prevent hang-ups and streamline your customer service and encourage
  • Allows your customers to know how to contact you after hours or when you’re

Auto Attendant Systems

Commonly referred to by our customers as menu prompting, if designed and implemented correctly, your customers can reach their choice of department much more quickly than waiting for a customer service person to answer the call and transfer to that department anyway.

For Example:

  • Dial 1 for Sales
  • Dial 2 for Customer Support
  • Dial 3 for Administration
  • Dial 4 for any other enquiry

We believe these systems complement the traditional reception function, not replace them.

It is very important that existing and or regular callers are welcomed to your business and when the call is transferred to the department selected, the call is answered within 3-4 rings.

Produced with a professional voice-over and scriptwriter, who will work with you to craft your messages, select preferred voice talent, and design a flexible package to suit your business.

Ask our friendly customer service representative about announcements and Messages on Hold today.