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Managed Cyber Security & IT Services (Total Support PLUS)

Cyber Security

Protecting your organisation from threat actors is hard, and it’s only getting harder … the days of installing a simple antivirus software program on your staff’s PCs are long gone!

With our increasing dependence on technology, the threat of cyber-attacks has become a critical issue for organisations of every size. Threat actors are constantly evolving their tactics, techniques, and procedures, which is why you have to as well, and being complacent is not an option.

By investing in Auswide Communications’ Managed Cyber Security Services, our team of cyber security experts become a true extension of your business, driving toward a common objective of safeguarding your organisation against cyber threats.

A managed cyber security service enables you to focus on core business activities while a dedicated team of specialists works behind the scenes 24 x 7 x 365 to protect your network, systems, and apps.

This belts and braces approach provides peace of mind, mitigates risks, and enhances your overall cybersecurity posture, enabling you to stay one step ahead of your adversaries.

Our approach to creating a proactive and detailed cyber security strategy focuses on detecting, preventing & protecting against cyber threats.

We also recognise that sourcing, training, and retaining employees with the necessary information security skills and experience needed to protect your business around the clock is simply not practical for most smaller to mid-sized organisations.

Outsourcing these highly specialist services has become the best way to protect your organisation against the financial, reputational, and legal impact of a successful security breach.

“Building and operating your own Security Operations Centre (SOC) is not cost effective … you need to share these services with others.”

Auswide Communications’ managed cyber security service team are located in both Australia and New Zealand with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Auckland

We will collaborate closely with your organisation to gain a deep understanding of your unique cyber security needs and challenges. Our consultative approach with our clients fosters a strong and trusting working relationship, enabling us to ensure that you’re harnessing the full potential of your technology investments while fortifying your cyber security measures.

There’s no point though in doing half the job when it comes to cyber security because threat actors will find any holes in a leaking ship. You either need to do it right or cross your fingers and hope that you are never attacked, however all it takes these days is for one employee to click on the wrong link and its’ game over unless you are adequately protected, and most businesses still aren’t!

Information Technology (IT)

Our fully managed cyber security & IT service offering is specifically designed for small to medium businesses focused on the Microsoft 365 platform. Total Support PLUS is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of cyber security, leveraging a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor and protect your digital assets.

We provide continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response, ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment remains secure and resilient against cyber threats. Our expert team handles all aspects of your security needs, from configuration and compliance to ongoing management and support, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with peace of mind.

With our comprehensive managed service, you can trust that your organisation is safeguarded by industry-leading security practices and cutting-edge technology.


  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Remote monitoring and alerting
  • Remote patch management and remediation
  • Management portal and managed services reports
  • Software and hardware lifecycle monitoring management
  • Password Management solution & support
  • Secured Cloud-based Back up & Recovery Solution
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (Antivirus and Anti Malware)
  • Incident Response Guidance & Support
  • IT Business / Project Consultation
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) 24 / 7 Monitoring
  • Email Security Strengthening (DMARC, DKIM & SPF)
  • 24 / 7 IT Helpdesk Support
  • Cloud-based Endpoint Device Management Solution
  • Data Migration (if required)
  • Domain and DNS Management
  • Monthly Security Reporting
  • No setup or onboarding costs *
  • General PC / Network troubleshooting issues

Support Team (Location)

Our Helpdesk Support and SOC technical staff are spread throughout Australia and located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Providing local support for not only our IT Services, but Managed Cyber Security Services too is one of our key differentiators and makes working with us easy!

Total Support PLUS simplifies managing the entire Managed Cyber Security & IT Services stack because you have a single point of contact for any issues.