Service Relocations

Office Relocations

At Auswide Communications, we can assist with your office relocation by planning and coordinating the migration of your existing telephone lines, telephone systems, and data networks with a minimum of fuss. Focusing on other elements like- ensuring the office is fitted out to suit your needs and your relocation is transparent to your customers. There is nothing worse than ringing a supplier to be told, oh sorry we are in the process of moving and … Ultimately this is what you want to avoid at any time!

A well-organised office relocation should enable your staff to pivot from one office to another,  and pick up where they left off.

If provided with ample time for your office relocation, Auswide Communications can provide professional advice to ensure a smooth transition that will be on time and on budget for the service installation you need for telephone and data.

Our ability to combine our expertise in telephone systems, networks, and customer services means we are perfectly placed to facilitate the relocation of your business.

The technology available at your new premises will determine the complexity, timeframe, and cost of your move, so it is critical that we are contacted as soon as you have a letter of intent to acquire a property or an office lease.

If you require any wiring to be installed within the office a communications technician will be required to carry out these office wiring works, please speak with us to carry out a site inspection.

The more notice that you provide us, the more likely we’ll be able to move your services on the specific day you want, and as mentioned previously connection times will vary depending upon the complexity of the network installation and available infrastructure at your new location.

Rest assured your business operations is our focus, and we will minimise disruption and downtime utilising our unique implementation cutover procedures.

Contact our team to discuss your relocation requirements today.