technical support

Technical Support

Changing Internet Service Plans or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be a daunting task and very expensive and time consuming if you get it wrong.

NEW authorization and security guidelines implemented by the ISPs make it impossible to resolve technical issues if the nominated person in your business is uncontactable.

Increased security such as two factor authentication adds another layer of complexity. Talking to level one call centre support staff can be a challenge, especially if they are based overseas.

You often need to speak to a level two or three support technician in order to resolve an issue and it’s almost impossible to speak with them unless you have their direct contact details.

“Chatbots powered by AI are unfortunately making it even worse … and that’s where the world is heading!”

Auswide Communications can eliminate these issues. We have access to an extensive network of technical contacts within the ISPs that we partner with, so you don’t waste your valuable time.

All you have to do is send us an email to authorize a product or service request and we look after the rest.

We take ownership of any issues and make your life and your staff’s life much easier!