Case Studies



Global Metals Pty Ltd and Selection Steel Trading Pty Ltd have been working with Auswide Communications for 5 years. We were initially contracted to service the computer cabling infrastructure at head office in Dandenong and Thornbury and have since implemented telephone and office cabling solutions nationally.

“As our branch network is dependant upon the uptime of HQ we were constantly suffering ‘dropouts’. IT Manager, Yvonne Edwards says” thus asking Andrew from Auswide for help.


The situation required a complete review of installation techniques and procedures due to the enormity of the issues which have been compounded with a merger which meant that additional IT infrastructure was required to be deployed in the main computer room at Dandenong.

Upon analysis carried out in consultation with Global Metals and Selection Steel representatives, the requirements for the immediate and foreseeable future, it was decided to clean up the existing birds nest and design a solution for the scale of business required including allowances for growth in the future.

Common problems with these sites:

  1. lack of real estate space for equipment
  2. appropriate identification and records
  3. previous ad hoc approach to adding wiring
  4. different termination standards within buildings

Yvonne demanded a solution that would enable her to implement other business segments to existing infrastructure with ease whilst mitigating risks associated with working on cabling and communications hardware.


To meet the business objectives prior to the merger we had to upgrade the equipment enclosures at Dandenong, identify and re-label all copper and fibre cabling installed in the premises in order for our technicians to relocate the cables into the new enclosures as per approved design.

We then re terminated all the copper cabling onto new patch panels, labeled field outlets and the patch panels. All existing cat 5E and new cat 6 cables were tested for Class D & E performance characteristics. At the same time we took the opportunity to install a new tie-cable for the legacy PBX and distribute modems, faxes and other analogue devices via the patch panel for ease of relocation in the future.

Working in conjunction with Selections’ Server maintainer, we were also able to integrate the myriad of units into the new wiring loom for power and data.

Selection Steel also installed new uninterruptible power supplies and air conditioning for their new computer room layout.


The clear benefits to Selection Steel and Global metals were

  1. regaining space in the computer room
  2. organised infrastructure design and layout
  3. confidence in the labelling that the computer room and field outlets match, more importantly operate at intended levels!
  4. promote cooler airflow in and around hardware
  5. ability to grow internal infrastructure with confidence
  6. minimised interruption and downtime to the business as Auswide Communications carried out majority of the works outside business hours.
  7. Now the business rarely has a drop out caused by their foundation cabling.

The most pleasing aspect from our point of view is that we now have a more robust foundation to support our growing network.

Selection Steel Trading Pty Ltd and Global Metals Pty Ltd has been dealing with Auswide for 5 years.

We initiated business with them due to the computer /telephone communications services market inability 10 provide professional support.

Our company runs two national steel companies with sales distribution in every capital city around Australia so reliable efficient computer and telephone communications is vital to the success of our business.

Auswide certainly put that issue away with a complete rewire of our centralised “computer/telephone cabling birds nest” which has now been running fault less for nearly 5 years.

Auswide were initially contracted to service our computer cabling network and considering the wonderful robust job they did there we soon allocated our telephone support work to them. About a year ago they installed a new central telephone/PABX system for us at our Dandenong head office which again was done seamlessly and efficiently.

Auswide also have maintained our state branch communications around Australia. Over the past few years they have conducted a complete communications cabling audit followed by maintenance and replacement of substandard networks.

Not only are new systems installed effectively but their communications expertise allows for the latest technology recommendations to not only serve us immediately but to prepare for business growth over the following years.

Any downtime with our cabling network, as little as it is, is always fixed within a few hours due to the responsiveness and professional nature of Auswide.

We as a group are completely happy with the work of Auswide and have the utmost confidence in them to continue maintaining and enhancing our communications networks around Australia and are happy recommend them to any prospective client.