Service Relocations

Hosted PBX / Cloud Phone Systems

The pandemic changed the face of the workplace in 2020 forever, with more employees and contractors choosing to continue to work remotely than ever before.

Many businesses struggled to cope with these changes because their legacy communication systems were simply unable to adapt. The challenge for businesses moving forward is how to best manage their communications tools both now and into the future.

Combining all communication channels including phone calls, conferencing, mobility, video, instant messaging, screen sharing, voicemail and third-party software into a single unified communications solution will enable you to achieve that!

A cloud-based UC solution provides benefits for both employers and employees including:

# 1. Scalability

UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is simply an enterprise technology without limits. In other words, it enables you to seamlessly scale your business and respond to organizational changes as and when they arise.

A UC solution enables businesses to add and remove users from their system without any major changes to the comms room infrastructure.

Features like video conferencing, document sharing, and virtual meeting rooms can also be easily extended to accommodate a larger workforce.

The ability to scale software licenses up or down is another added bonus!

# 2. Accessibility

The growth of the hybrid workforce has driven a greater need for organisations to support employee communication and collaboration across both corporate and home networks.

Cloud-based communications enables users to access features regardless of location, which provides a more consistent user interface for your staff too.

It doesn’t matter where a manager or team member is located … as long as they have access to the internet, then they’re right to go!

# 3. Interoperability

You may or may not currently have a formal Bring Your Own Device or BYOD policy in place however they are becoming increasingly popular with employers.

Allowing employees to use their own smartphones can offer an organisation with significant benefits such as increased productivity and lower device costs.

There’s one very important issue to consider though … and that revolves around an employee-owned device having an employee-owned phone number.

In many client-facing roles (such as sales), it is the only phone number employees give out to customers, especially if it’s on their business cards.

That phone number often becomes the way people contact your company to request quotations or place orders and is under the control of your employee.

So, what happens if your best salesperson decides to leave your business and take up a sales position with your biggest competitor?

One can only guess, however it’s certainly not an ideal situation!

A UC solution can eliminate this issue by assigning a direct inward dial number printed on an employee’s business card that is automatically forwarded to their phone.

Installing a soft phone on their mobile device will complete the final piece of the puzzle.

# 4. Directory Services

Second last on the list is ‘Directory Services’ … With a unified communications solution, you can forget about struggling to find a customer contact.

Unified communications offer seamless cloud-based directory services that make it easy to message or call anyone in the directory, even if you don’t know their email address or phone number.

This can be a massive time saver for your staff and avoid a lot of frustration!

# 5. Security

And finally, it’s time to address the elephant in the room … and you guessed it, it’s SECURITY … or more specifically CYBERSECURITY!

It’s VERY important that you provide your IP Telephony Network with the same level of protection against threats as your IT Data Network because they are both mission critical.

The UC solution needs to have the right security measures in place because it will have access to confidential information that could be leaked, hacked or damaged.

We provide a range of fully managed cloud based unified communications solutions, so you don’t need to be concerned or lift a finger.

Updates, including security features and any patching that has to happen are delivered automatically.


Implementing a NEW Unified Communications system or Unified Communications as a Service is easy when you partner with us. Auswide Communications are experts in the Australian telecommunications industry and have over 25 years’ experience.

UC and UCaaS solutions are very popular because they offer significant tangible business benefits as detailed above however, if you attempt to implement one without following a carefully thought-out project plan, then you may struggle to achieve the desired outcome so it’s wise to engage a specialist.

Without a roadmap for success, you can waste a lot of time and resources implementing a solution that isn’t the right fit for your business so let’s avoid that from happening.

Feel free to reach out and contact one of our friendly staff if you have a current need or future project.

We’d be happy to help!