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Wirelless 4G / 5G Backup

Internet downtime can be disruptive and affect productivity within an organisation. It can also be very damaging to important customer relationships.

Many Australian businesses still don’t have either a 4G or 5G backup solution in place for their primary Internet service.

You might be surprised how often Internet outages occur in Australia. According to the ACCC’s broadband performance data program, there’s an outage at least once every four days. It’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll lose service.

The average business can lose thousands of dollars for every hour that their internet is down due to either power outages, natural disasters, security breaches, building fires, equipment failure, or a long list of other reasons.

Internet downtime can be easily avoided by adding a wireless 4G or 5G backup solution to your primary internet service.  These devices automatically switch to a wireless connection if your primary Internet service fails and switch back once it’s restored.

It provides your business with an always-on connection … in fact your staff won’t even know that they’ve experienced an outage because the transition from a wired to wireless connections can be virtually instantaneous.

Your business remains connected during a fixed Internet outage which ensures that operations continue seamlessly.

There’s no need to ever let an Internet outage effect your business again!

The technology keeps your network, systems, apps, and devices such as IP phones and Point of Sale (POS) terminals working without interruption.

The key advantages of adding a Wireless 4G / 5G Backup solutions include:

  • Business Continuity & Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Security

5G Internet backup is only available in selected areas. If 5G coverage in unavailable, then a 4G service will be used.