sip calling


What is SIP calling?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) calling is the process of transferring voice calls over a SIP trunk or channel. A SIP trunk is basically a virtual connection, meaning you don’t have to rely on legacy phone lines to make and receive phone calls.

SIP calling enables you to make calls using the internet via your existing infrastructure!

Is SIP the same as VoIP?

SIP and VoIP are related, but not the same. SIP trunking is an essential component of any growing business’s VoIP system. A SIP trunk acts as a virtual phone line and, like VoIP, also uses packet switching to connect calls. Whereas VoIP alone only supports voice, SIP trunking supports voice, video, messaging, and fax.

What are the benefits of SIP v VoIP?

SIP solutions are:

  • Easy to scale – e.g., you can add video and messaging etc
  • Easy to integrate with common third-party apps / other software tools
  • Integrate Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines for a combination telecommunications system
  • Flexible pricing – i.e., pay for what you actually need