Service Audits

Comprehensive Audits

A telecommunications site audit takes stock of your telecommunications infrastructure. It can help identify areas of redundant infrastructure and streamline your communications process.

Telecommunications site audits are often overlooked by many businesses but they can lead to long-term savings and efficiencies.

Some areas to consider as part of the audit-

  • What communications system does your business currently have?
  • Why do you want to change the communications system (i.e. increase in remote workers, mobility etc)
  • How do you envisage the final communications system will help your business?
  • What existing infrastructure is in place (cabling networks, racks, headsets, handsets etc)
  • Where systems are located and if items need to be moved
  • Do you monitor KPI’s
  • Will multimedia applications play a role in the way your business communicates

Whether you are relocating to new premises or have been in your existing premises for some time, a telecommunications site audit is highly recommended to ensure your lines of communication are open for business.

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