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The Australian Gas Association (AGA) is a long-standing and well-respected national product certification body servicing the gas, electrical and plumbing sectors.   Formed in 1962, from the merger of The Australian Gas Institute with The National Gas Association, AGA can trace its origins back to 1925.

AGA customers traditionally had manufacturing bases within Australia (or at least a significant local presence); the vast majority now manufactures overseas and export into Australia, supported by an in-house warehousing operation or an independent distribution arrangement.

With a growing overseas customer base, and the associated challenges that brings, AGA recognised the importance of a modern integrated communication system to help drive its business into the future.


Threats to existing industry support infrastructure resulted in a decision by AGA to expand its services to include specialist laboratory testing, initially for gas equipment but more recently for white goods performance assessments.  AGA, having established its new gas testing facility in 2010, had an opportunity to relocate its Head Office staff and extend its accredited laboratory operations to the same site in 2012

This consolidation of AGA operations required a full customised fit out of the extended testing laboratory and associated general office accommodation.

The existing communications system was basic (approximately 12 years old) therefore limiting the business’s potential to connect all parts of the premises easily, as well as catering for the ever changing dynamics of their customer base, and more importantly the issue of mobility.  AGA weren’t able to take advantage of the advancements in technology upgrades that make it easier to communicate with their customers.


AGA needed a quick turnaround (short term view) but had a long-term vision of what they required the business communications system to do. A total comprehensive communications solution was offered to AGA encompassing switchgear, UPS, telephone system and cabling.

AGA undertook comprehensive research of telephone systems on the market, along with speaking with other telecommunication providers.

“We selected Auswide Communications due to their advice, experience and detail provided during numerous discussions, which provided me with the confidence to deploy certification”.  We recognised the importance of a strong foundation with reliable cabling, hence why we chose ADC Krone Cat 6A”.

Additionally, AGA undertook significant research of the actual phone systems on the market identifying the key features they required were VOIP, mobility, Microsoft outlook integration and interstate based offices and staff.

“We selected our communications system baesd on its flexibility and the particular features we believed were better suited to the AGA business model for today and into the future”.

Technical specifications of solution

The AGA solution implemented involved a complex port from another carrier to Telstra accompanied by a unified communications platform

That enabled the Microsoft outlook integration, and a web based portal for internal communication of staff presence and availability.

One of the objectives that AGA wanted to achieve was to have whole of business visibility of their staff as they work across two adjoining buildings in a unique environment where they can’t physically see all personnel.

They also received the ability to queue incoming calls so that the longest held call was answered first and have voice messaging for all users. Plus having the ability to use smart phones as extensions.


AGA wanted to start from a clean slate and that was certainly achieved.

“The system is functioning perfectly and although the technology shift from our previous PBX was extensive, the implementation and ongoing support from Auswide Communications has been seamless and much appreciated”.

we would like to take this opportunity to thank your organisation for the design, consultation and presentation of a solution to meet our communication needs for today whilst considering our needs for the future.

The technical installation team were knowledgeable, meticulous and very respectful of our staff especially during the changeover of the phone system.

There are always teething problems with migrating to new technology and upon this occasion we are glad that the only issues we had were when to book the cutover, the short training sessions on how to use our intuitive IP telephone system were also informative.

The system is functioning perfectly and although the technology shift from our previous PBX was extensive, the implementation and ongoing support from Auswide Communications has been seamless and much appreciated.

If you could please pass on our appreciation to the team and feel free to refer our organisation in any of your presentations for future testimonials.

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