IP Phone Systems For Australian Business

Auswide Communications provides high-quality, reliable ip phone calling solutions which have made us one of the most trusted business telephone system providers in Melbourne. We work with multiple global leading vendors to provide businesses with a best-in-class IP telephone system solution to help you drive better customer service experiences for your clients.

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Business Phone System

When you are looking for business phone systems, cloud phone systems, office phone systems, NBN phone systems, or ICT equipment for your business, you want to talk to the experts before you make any commitment. After all, your business is fully reliant on your business phone system and IT infrastructure, so it needs to be highly functional and easy for all to use.

Auswide Communications have expertise in both small to large business phone system implementation. We will assist in transforming your business communications systems by understanding your key criteria including incorporating business objectives, efficiencies required with multiple communications platforms, and working alongside you during the transition journey to more appropriate technology.  Good decisions are based on sound and factual information.  This is why we may be required to conduct an onsite audit of your current system, in order to find the best phone system solution for your business.

Easy to use phone system

With intuitive interfaces, our solutions are simple to use from most devices that you choose to utilize, IP Telephone, Mobile Phone, and IP Softphone. As more systems integrate with everyday office applications such as Microsoft Outlook, CRM’s, and some accounting systems, being able to manage one call directory database effectively is really useful for growing businesses!


Empower your team to make and receive calls that are easiest for them, anywhere, anytime, and from any compatible device.    We can provide solutions to suit small to large business operations, as well as the new business requirement for hybrid flexible working environments. Whether you’re at the office, in the home, or mobile, be able to log in to ensure work-life balance and visibility to your organization.


Quality conference calling has now become an essential business tool.  Collaborate and communicate from anywhere eliminating the need for everyone to be in the same room for a meeting. Have you ever tried to join a call and you have trouble hearing people speak or had the call drop out? Ensuring that the most appropriate voice quality data service is installed is paramount. Do you want to drop calls mid-discussion?

Plus, real-time reporting provides valuable insight into your business operations, including the status and location of your team.

Reliable business phones

Modern IP telephone systems are often hybrid models for single or multi-site businesses using a combination of cloud and on-premises-based infrastructure, ensuring you benefit from a more resilient phone system with diverse call paths and backup options.

There is also peace of mind knowing that your phone system can be managed by our ICT professionals, regularly updating the software, maintenance patches, and ensuring the features and capability are federated throughout the organization.

Phone System Solution

Communication Experts

When engaging with Auswide Communications you can expect fully certified technicians. We are available throughout the installation process, integrating the components and services of your phone systems into an effective solution. We have the experience and capabilities to identify and improve your business communication requirements.