Southern Cross Lubes

Southern Cross Lubes

Southern Cross Oil Pty Ltd (SCL) is Mobil’s Strategic Lubricant Distributor for Victoria and Tasmania. SCL provides services to customers such as Petrogas, Tas Petroleum, Brown Wigg across Victoria, Tasmania and Southern New South Wales. The company offers lubricants and oils of high quality for professional use.


Although SCL already had an IP Telephone system, it did not have the capacity to handle the audio conferencing demands of the business for its sales and marketing team.


Rather than “forklifting” the existing system we formulated a solution to integrate best of breed technology from Avaya to interface with the digital telephone system. The customer can now schedule their own conference calls or start up conference calls from their reception application and transfer to the meeting room of choice. 


Understanding how our customers conduct their business is vital in customising appropriate solutions that work for them. SCL staff required flexibility of using wireless headsets such as Jabra GN9450 as it connects to either desk or softphone and has touch buttons to handle calls easily.  A messaging solution was another phone feature configured for the client. It enables them to professionally capture every phone call so they do not miss any business opportunity.