Precise Advise

Precise Advice

Precise Advice Financial Services Pty Ltd is a boutique financial planning and investment advisory company established in 1984. Their financial planning and insurance management services include retirement planning, superannuation, life insurance, income protection, risk insurance and Centrelink advice.


Precise Advice want to have an efficient communication channel that they need more capacity and the flexibility to answer phone calls via mobiles. 


We configured a Panasonic NS700 IP telephone system that contains 6 to 288 extensions, call centre solutions, smart hybrid system, rich IP features such as mobile linking, integrated voicemail and e-mail. We also installed Panasonic  KX-NT553 IP handset  for Precise Advice because it helps to maximize company productivity. It contains different function buttons to help you transfer a call, conference other people in or put your call on hold. With 12 flexible CO buttons, you can add or delete your contacts easily without wasting paper label, and if you press next page button, it leads you to more contacts. 

We not only designed and implemented a new solution for IP telephony and business continuity but also upgraded the communications room to accommodate a partnership with a complimentary tenant. This was achieved by providing a solution where both companies could share resources for data and voice but having their own bills for carriage services.

We also deployed 3KVA UPS to protect active equipment with scheduled shutdown so employees can avoid data loss and hardware such as switches and routers will be protected.


The features of NS700 helps Precise Advise to work more productive: 3 digit extension numbers are easier for employees to remember and or use one touch keys. It enables remote workers to stay connected with the office and clients using mobile twinning or transferring calls from the office offsite. Also, customers could reach the department via a menu selection system.