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NBN Disconnection Notice

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If you own or manage a building this is a must read

Fire Alarm and Emergency Lift Phones

The NBN network rollout is nearing completion and there will be a set date for disconnection of the legacy copper

network for fire alarm and lift phones. The proposed disconnection date of 18th March 2022 has been set for any remaining fire and lift services that are connected to the legacy copper network.

It is crucial that any clients with lift phones or monitored fire alarms are migrated to alternative network technologies.

The NBN network can be used with a mobile network failover, or a connection to a 4g or 5g mobile network service.

Your Next Steps

If you office or building has fire alarm and or lift service, that have not yet been registered with NBN and are still in use over the legacy copper network please contact us as soon as possible to verify this or arrange an onsite tech visit.

For these services to maintain operation, Fire and Lift companies, businesses, government entities, building and strata managers must take action to ensure these services are migrated to an alternative network before 18th March 2022.