What is Avaya Spaces?

Avaya Spaces is the video-focused conferencing and meeting app on the cloud, designed to enhance and improve team collaboration. Users can create spaces for everything from part-time projects, to ongoing team discussions. The Spaces environment keeps everyone on the same page, so businesses can continue to evolve and perform at a rapid pace.

Avaya Space all features

Making life easier for every businesses

Meetings & Conferencing

  • Up to 1,000 participants per meeting with fully interactive HD video, voice, and collaboration
  • Unlimited meetings in duration and number
  • Video layout selection—auto, concert, grid, lecture, panel
  • Meeting recording with a two-year default retention period
  • Meeting moderator features: raise a hand, smart mute based on activity, disable unmute
  • Meeting records include start time, duration, attendees
  • Shared content magnification 100-200%

Artificial Intelligence

  • Works on any device—mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, video systems
  • Noise elimination knocks out background sounds to remove barking dogs, conversations, doorbells, etc.
  • Superior background blur or replacement with no need for special lighting, green screens, or high-powered devices
  • Intelligent transcription and closed captioning recognize different voices
  • Overlay a speaker’s video on a presentation to create a more engaging experience


  • Join with your browser, no download needed for Chrome, Edge, Firefox
  • Alternative Mac and Windows desktop apps
  • Google Android and Apple iOS mobile apps
  • Use multiple devices at once
  • Avaya XT video system connectivity
  • Third-party video system SIP connectivity
  • Citrix VDI support
  • Pre-meeting setup with audio and video preview


  • Enterprise SSO, Google, Office 365, Salesforce single sign-on
  • Google, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 calendar integration
  • Dialogflow, Slack, Teams, Zoom.ai integration
  • Avaya Contact Center integration
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Built on Avaya CPaaS, which provides unlimited integration, development, and customization potential

More features and benefits

  • Amazing Security: Spaces is built on a secure and trusted solution, with Google Cloud data encryption at rest. There’s also in-transit SAML and OAuth 2.0 support for secure login and GDPR compliance retention policies built-in
  • Collaborate how you choose: You can start a voice or video meeting from any space at any point. Additionally, there’s the option to join a scheduled or ad-hoc meeting within your space too, for easy collaboration over a document, project, or anything else
  • Manage information easily: You can share your screen at any point if you need to bring more context into a conversation. You can also pick whether you want to share the entire screen, or just one section or app. With recordings, you can also make sure that no one misses out on important information from a meeting too
  • Extensibility: Avaya is committed to giving you the single pane of glass experience that you’re looking for. With add-ons and extensions, you can link Avaya Spaces to Outlook, Calendars, and more
  • Enable Spaces with Avaya IX: Using your Corporate ID, you can enable Spaces meetings across the Avaya IX Workspace. This allows for direct messaging with Spaces users, and one-click meetings too